Because it is a slow growing
tree, cedar has a “closed cell”
structure, making it resistant
to moisture and decay.
also means that your cedar log home has the highest
insulating R-value possible

among all wood options. And,
because cedar log homes do
not have shrinking and settling
problems, you can expect
a solid and airtight home for
to come. Log walls
provide an insulation barrier
– keeping your home warmer
in winter and cooler in

We know that northern white
cedar is superior to pine –
and we make it an affordable
for you. Not only will
you save money on heating
and maintenance costs
the years, you can save
upfront on construction
as well by using one
of Cedarcraft’s skilled Amish
crews that are available in
many areas.

Cedarcraft purchases its
northern white cedar logs
directly from mills in the
upper Great Lakes region
of the United States and
Canada. We cut out the
middlemen – ensuring you
the most affordable wholesale prices. The end result: You
get the highest quality wood
at the lowest price available.