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Northern White Cedar Facts

The vast majority of log home companies that make up the log home industry offer pine logs. This is because of their locations, usually southern or western U.S. They well know that Northern White Cedar, from the northern U.S. & Canada, is a far superior product for log homes but pine is all that they have available to them. They may also offer cedar, but their prices are going to be very high and they will be the first to tell you this because they are really a pine company and pine is what they want to sell you. They fail to inform their customers that Cedar is far more preferable than pine for a much higher quality and maintenance free log home and of course the breathtaking beauty of Northern White Cedar is unmatched by any pine. Often when the subject is brought up by the customer they are told that the prices for cedar are just way to high and they had better stay with pine. Well friends, that's true if you buy it from them! But just remember that Cedarcraft Log Homes "specializes" in Northern White Cedar. We are a cedar company not a pine company and that makes a very big difference in price. Our "mill direct" prices are guaranteed to be the lowest. Would you buy a Ford from the Chevy dealer? Of course not, and why would you buy Cedar from a Pine company? Get the best price and highest quality from a company that specializes in Cedar! And, because we are a mill direct company, our prices often come in even lower than many of the industries pine prices! If you find this hard to believe then simply give us the opportunity the prove it to you!

We hope that you have found this information helpful to you. Even if you do not choose Cedarcraft Log Homes for your new log home at least go with Northern White Cedar! We wish you and your family the very best for the future! Thank you for giving consideration to Cedarcraft Log Homes!

PS. We also offer Western Red Cedar but we recommend Northern White Cedar because of its better price and its beautiful light golden color which results in bright interiors.
Also, unlike Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar is non-allergenic - causing no allergy problems.

Quotes from various sources in the industry:

Log Home Living Magazine - "Northern White Cedar ranks high among the twenty-six species of wood used to build log homes.....The wood is one of the most versatile. Its molecular structure gives it a high thermal efficiency. It is nearly impervious to insects, rot, and fungi. It requires little maintenance.....It is easy to handle and dimensionally stable, and as durable as it is beautiful.....It shrinks little in drying....... It is prized for log home production because of its characteristics, particularly durability."

"Northern White Cedar... will endure for generations. Superior to all woods in its resistance to the elements, Northern White Cedar is also naturally insect resistant. Northern White Cedar features a closed cell structure which will not absorb moisture, thus eliminating the internal growth of mold or mildew. Its superior dimensional stability is ideally suited for.... architectural innovations."

"Northern White Cedar is used rather than pine because cedar lasts longer, is more stable and is much more resistant to decay and insects."

Northern White Cedar has been consistently rated by all of the major log home magazines as "Highly Resistant" to decay and "Very low Shrinkage" of logs.


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